IISonasSession MethodsIsonas .NET Client API Documentation
The IISonasSession type exposes the following members.

Public methodAddBadge
Adds a badge to a person
Public methodAddGroupName
Adds a group (not membership) to the system
Public methodAddGroups
Add a person to a group
Public methodAddIdFile
Adds an IDfile to Isonas
Public methodAddPermission
Add a new permission entry to the system
Public methodAddShift
Adds a shift to Isonas
Public methodAdmit
Causes the specified door to unlatch the door lock for the "latch interval" defined for that door and then relatch it at the end of the interval
Public methodApplySettings
Applies settings (does not queue, either succeeds immediately or fails)
Public methodDeleteBadge
Deletes a badge from the system
Public methodDeleteGroupName
Deletes a group (not membership) from the system
Public methodDeleteGroups
Delete a person from a group
Public methodDeleteIdFile
Delete an ID
Public methodDeletePermission
Deletes a permission entry from the system
Public methodDeleteShift
Delete a shift from the system
Public methodDispose (Inherited from IAsyncDisposable.)
Public methodPresentBadge
Presents a badge to simulate an actual user at a door
Public methodQueryAllBadges
Get all badges in the system
Public methodQueryAllDoorGroups
Get all door groups in the system
Public methodQueryAllDoors
Get all doors in the system
Public methodQueryAllGroupNames
Get all groups (not memberships) in the system
Public methodQueryAllIdFiles
A list of all person IDs in the system
Public methodQueryBadges
Find all badges belonging to the supplied person
Public methodQueryByBadgeId
Find a badge by its ID
Public methodQueryGroups
Queries group membership by person ID or group name
Public methodQueryHistory
Query history
Public methodQueryIdFile
Get ID details for the specified person
Public methodQueryPermissions
Get all permissions in the system
Public methodQueryShift
Return the full details of a shift given its name
Public methodQueryStatus
Check the status of the controllers
Public methodUpdateIdFile
Update an existing id file.
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