IsonasAccessControlClient Create Method Isonas .NET Client API Documentation
This is the way you begin interacting with the API. The connection won't be open yet, this just gets things ready. After calling this method, call IIsonasController.Open or IIsonasController.OpenEncrypted to actually open the connection

Namespace: Bsw.Isonas.Dotnet.Client.Core
Assembly: Bsw.Isonas.Dotnet.Client (in Bsw.Isonas.Dotnet.Client.dll) Version: (1.2.1)

public static IIsonasAccessControlClient Create(
	string hostname,
	int port = 7101


Type: OnlineSystem String
Hostname INRServ is running on
port (Optional)
Type: OnlineSystem Int32
Port INRserv is running on (usually 7101)

Return Value

Type: IIsonasAccessControlClient
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